jOrgan to control instruments of various format.

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jOrgan to control instruments of various format.

Dr Mark Bugeja MD
I found this contribution of our late dear friend Panos that I thought merits a read-through particularly as we discuss alternative sound generation.


Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2013 20:19:54 +0100 (BST)
From: Panos Ghekas <>
Subject: [jOrgan-user] ????:  ????: A free DAW


jOrgan + DAW, OF COURSE WE USE THIS COMBINATION. Many many uses and it is not irrelevant from jOrgan main list, because jOrgan's main use for this are the powerful midi capabilities !!!

You all know I'm a Reaper user (I would say fanatic...LOL) but I always try to spot a completely free one over there.

How do I use the above combination :

1. Control all DAW's functions from jOrgan/midiKBD+Korg Nanokontrol
Suppose we got : a string ensemble from Sonatina orch (here sforzando sampler) + Brass + Harpsichord (Post Historic instruments for Linuxsampler or Kontakt) + Choir + other instruments. Creating a special disposition in jOrgan we can controll all these tracks at once from our setup.
Also any VSTi loaded in a DAW's track can be controlled by jOrgan. It is extremelly helpfull for LIVE performances.
We can add a jOrgan Organ disposition too, so we can add the organ in any orchestra.
This way we do not need to convert other formats into sf2 !!! we can use many different through DAW and controll through jOrgan !

The secret is : LoopMidi (without jOrgan's Organ sound) and Jack (for mixing audio) : Here it is another reason to use Reaper because it has this ReaRouteAsio driver.
Yes, no need to use Jack with Reaper. With the superb work of Graham Goode opening the way to Asio we can have just Reaper for Audio and jOrgan for Midi, nothing else (LoopMidi is essential of course).
CPU load.... not much, nothing a modern 3 years old computer can handle (two cores 2GHz 4GB ram).

We can record (midi and/or audio) this live performance too. or.... COMPOSE ! Great.

2. Create synthesized pipes for use in dispositions ect.
Yes, yes. A DAW is a digital audio workstation, of course it can create digital audio.

What I'm doin with :
You all know my Bridge disposition. It is created using many synthesizers, hardware (Yamaha Motif ES-6, Kurzweil PXA-1000) and software (Reaktor's Steampipe 1 & 2 synthesizers and the good old Atlantis, which has this beautiful draw waveform LFO for creating wind destibilizing FX).
So, suppose that we need a sound from all these into just one stereo .wav file, how can we do it ?????
Only with a good DAW.
Example : Audio hardware in (Motif/PXA)? two tracks, Steampipe1, 2 and Atlantis VSTi in 3 tracks = 5 tracks. Add Proximity VST to place the mixed synths sound into acoustic field and if like some reverb (I don't at this stage).
Record the result at 24bit 96000Hz into a new for example OpenDiap8-C3.wav

3. Using the DAW to enjoy HQ jOrgan dispositions.
I have said many times that Fluidsynth's reverb is obsolate and in many times ruins good dispositions. And if we have a good DRY disposition adding a HQ reverb we don't really need the multi releases function of other similar software.
Using jOrgan/Reaper I really enjoy many dispos we got here. See some examples in my Paradigma dispositon.

4. Using DAW to record audio from jOrgan's recorder.
I've seen on the web many other apps that can do this, like the FreeSound Recorder : As we are with our jOrgan/loaded dispo+recorder ON we open FSR and we record whatever sounds from our soudcard.
OK, BUT we also got unwanted digital noise from.
On the other hand using jOrgan(portaudio to Asio)>ReaRouteAsio>Reaper we can record in HQ, noiseless adding many good and HQ effects (VST) like EQ, Proximity, Reverb Compressor/limiter, enhancer ect.

So, after these, we can say that a DAW is related to jOrgan in many ways and we all can benefit, for our reasons everyone, from this superb combination.
Hehehe I did the extreme to use jOrgan to control a Trance Music setup in Reaper full of synths and arpeggiators, gate seq, drums ect.
This is a use many people outside pipe organ MUST KNOW ! jOrgan is the best midi relay software out there and as such I believe it was correct from my side to post it to the main users list and not in sound.