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jOrgan and home automation

I know jOrgan was written to simulate all the known functions of pope organs - classical and theatre.

I have long wondered and thought about the use of jOrgan with a midi encode and decoder, in the context of home automation and home alarm system.

Once could set it all up with a midi decoder and midi encoder, for inputs and outputs.  We could also develop a 'home automation' skin as well as 'home alarm' skin.  We could also combine it into a single skin. Another use would be a Garden irrigation system.  A custom skin can also be developed for this.

jOrgan would need some new extensions, for example, if you want to switch on or of something at a certain time of the day on a certain day of the week, and so on - we would need a "Real Time Clock' extension.  This is the best I can explain myself.

I know this is off topic regarding organ and music, but if others are interested, we can have a connected Nabble group that is connected to this group, like the jOrgan User and Sound are connected.

Could you please indicate if anybody else is interested in this?