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Surround Sound

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I'm not sure if it's terribly relevant, but I've been playing with 5.1 surround sound lately. I control jOrgan via MIDI files (assigning certain tracks to certain manuals) and I record each track separately, and then mix them together to create the final recording. Usually, I have it set up like this (in a large organ disposition, like ACO_7DIV): Choir-(Front) Left, Great-Center, Swell-(Front) Right, Solo-(Surround) Right, Bombarde/Celestial-(Surround) Left, Pedal-Center/LFE. This, more or less, mimics where the pipe chambers are located in an actual organ. In smaller organ dispositions, the rear channels can be used for antiphonal divisions, trompettes en-chamade, pedals, or simply duplicate the front channels at a lower volume. This is pretty exaggerated compared to what happens with a real organ in a real building, but it's still a very interesting effect.

Here's a little demo, using a piece which has a lot of call-and-response/echo between manuals, which basically creates a sound that seems to circle around you:

Here's a stereo mixdown: