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Polyphone feature addition

This is a copy of the message that was posted on the jOrgan Users forum. 
Davy, In the "Tools" tab of the editor, just as you now have the capability
of "Sound Spatialization" which is stored Panning Parameter settings for
ranks, I would like to suggest the addition of the stored Release Values for
the various footages of ranks by octave. Paul Stratman made these available
a while ago. There are two separate Tables, one for Reed Pipe samples and
one for Flue Pipe samples.
Perhaps these could be provided to you in a file format that could be
readily inserted into Polyphone and you would not have to copy all the data
from the tables. Unless one uses Soundfont Templates specifically tailored
for organ-stop footages, entering all the Release values is a lot of work
each time a soundfont is made.
Polyphone is a very nice editor with beneficial features.
John Beach

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Re: Polyphone feature addition

Hello John,

This is typically the kind of tool I'd like to implement.

I think you are refering to this post:

Physically, the release time of a pipe may perhaps be regarded as proportional to the wavelength (though I think it's wrong with a reed). For sure it has an impact, and I also noticed that the pitch may vary.

I made a little tool taking three parameters:
- the length of the release at C1 (key 36), ranging from 0.001 and 10 seconds,
- the division occuring when ascending one octave, ranging from 1 and 10, default 2,
- the detuning involved, ranging from -12 and 12 semitons.

The output will be, for each division:
- the definition of the release time of the volume enveloppe,
- if a detuning is needed, the definition of the release time of the modulation enveloppe, linked to the pitch (coarse tune and fine tune are adjusted in consequence)

The detuning is for now constant, but if someone knows more about the interaction between the intensity and the pitch, I will adapt the tool.

I'm open to any idea that can improve the generation of release.