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No sound, Barton series

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Help needed installing Graham Goode's Barton series

Having installed only dispositions that use soundfonts, I'm lost trying to use LinuxSampler.

The computer here runs XP 64-bit, and has two sound cards, an M-audio 1010LT and an M-audio Audiophile 2496. At the moment, the 1010LT is receiving the MIDI signals from the claviers, and the 2496 is doing the audio.

The latest download of LinuxSampler for Windows is installed.

The customization relating to the claviers has been done and, the keyboards on the screen respond to the physical keys and pedals.

No audio is coming out. Two problems with elements are cited.

First problem, regarding the "memory" element, the message "Storage "Barton3-12_GIG.memory" cannot be loaded" I have tried moving that file all over the relevant directory structure, and even entirely removing it, but that message does not change. I have no idea whether J-Organ is complaining about the absence, or the presence, of that file.

Second problem, regarding the "Load_LinuxSampler element" :

  a. when the computer is first turned on:
        "Not available"

  b. if LinuxSampler is subsequently started like any other program:

        "LSCP has error "ERR:0:MIDI port connect failed"

Third, things noticed that may or may not be problems:

   There seem to exist .lscp files for the Barton 3-7, 3-10, and 3-12, but none for the Redford Barton.

   There seem to exist  disposition files for the Barton 3-7, 3-12, and Redford, but none for the 3-10.

As an geezer with about 50 years of hardware experience, who never got beyond assembly language programming, I'm in deep do-do with this marvellous software.  HELP!

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Re: No sound, Barton series

Hi Bill,

it seems you haven't registered with the jOrgan-sound list (only with the Nabble archive), so your question isn't forwarded to the members yet. Please register here too: 

and repost your question.
all the best,
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Re: No sound, Barton series

In reply to this post by morcc
Hi Bill,

The Barton 3-10 is the Redford Barton.

The Gigastudio / LinuxSampler version of the Barton series was created mainly for those already using these applications, so my installation and configuration notes are non-existent. My apologies to you for that.

Ok, so assuming that you have installed loopMIDI (and have one loopMIDI Port running and configured as 'loopMIDI Port') and also have ASIO4ALL installed, your next step is to edit the lscp files so that the GIG files are loadable:

1) Open the .lscp files in NotePad (or a text editor of your choice)
2) Change all the file location properties within the lscp to match the location of the GIG files on your system. For example, in the lscp file find all
LOAD INSTRUMENT NON_MODAL 'C:/Users/graham/Documents/jOrgan3.19/j3.19_RedfordSeries_GIG/GIGs/
and change the 'C:/Users/graham/Documents/' to 'C:/Users/YOURNAMEHERE/Documents/'
3) Save the lscp file
4) Do the same for the other LSCP files.

Now you can test the system with jOrgan and LinuxSampler:

1) Start the Fantasia LinuxSampler front-end
2) Start jOrgan
3) Load the Barton3-7_LS.disposition file

This should now load the jOrgan Barton 3/7 organ, and load all the GIG files in LinuxSampler.

In Fantasia (the LinuxSampler GUI), check the screen for errors, and use the built in keyboard there to test the sound. In the instrument rack, click on the rank that you wish to test (so that it is highlighted), and then use the mouse to play the keyboard at the bottom of the Fantasia screen. If it plays, then the jOrgan side should play as well.

I'm not sure why you're having issues with the Memory files, they load just fine here.

Kind regards,
Graham Goode
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
VPOs with jOrgan, LinuxSampler, Fluidsynth, SFZ, GrandOrgue, NI Kontakt, and Hauptwerk