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Mail programs, Linux, and Practicing!


Yes, my AOL mail program is probably outdated (and there is a version 9 that I could upgrade to), but it is very simple to use and I need that. I do have a Yahoo e-mail account and can do that too, but there are more steps involved and I keep falling back on this old AOL program.

It's good to know that you are successfully using Linux. Perhaps you can be a good resource person for those of us who want to escape the tyranny of Windows but haven't figured it out yet.

Practicing . . . YES.  That is what I need to do most. I sometimes find myself spending so much time tinkering with the organ and jOrgan that I forget the real goal is MUSIC!  And I can't make very good music if I don't PRACTICE.

Good luck with your studies and with your playing.


In a message dated 3/13/2007 7:51:21 AM Central Standard Time, [hidden email] writes:

Do you remember me? :)
I'm still using Jorgan on Linux, and still lurking in the Jorgan forum,
but I've not had time to participate in the discussion over there.
Practising my organ playing takes too much time :)

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