MIDI notes (swell pedal) to volume controller

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MIDI notes (swell pedal) to volume controller

Julie Porter
I have one last major section of my disposition script to code.

This is to connect the pins on the swell shoes that generate notes to the continuousFilter element.

I did my best to search the forum to see if there was an example.

Below is an example of the template I am using.   In reading the MIDI I see 0xB0 and 0xB2 messages.   I think these are the inputs from the fluid synth.    The ref element gets attached to the rank element.   This works fine on the screen with a mouse.

    <continuousFilter id="7000">
        <continuousFilter-engaging>set 176, set 11, set value | mult 0.5 | add 0.5 | mult volume 127</continuousFilter-engaging>
        <continuousFilter-engaging>set 176, set 99, set 120</continuousFilter-engaging>
        <continuousFilter-engaging>set 176, set 98, set 8</continuousFilter-engaging>
        <continuousFilter-engaging>set 176, set 6, set value | div 3 | add 0.66 | mult volume 80</continuousFilter-engaging>
        <continuous-change>equal 178, equal 7, div 127 | get value</continuous-change>

somehow I need to figure out how to add  a message like
        <switch-activate>equal 159, equal 80, </switch-activate>
        <switch-deactivate>equal 143, equal 80, </switch-deactivate>
        <switch-deactivate>equal 159, equal 80, equal 0 </switch-deactivate>

To convert into the 'Volume" controller.   What I am not really clear about is how the get and set work.   If I get a pitch from a switch filter how do I turn this into a volume message.  

The organ I am currently working with has 12 contacts on a roller.  In the MIDI converted code these get quantized into a percentage.  Only the highest active contact would be the valid one.   So if my first pin is 80 the last pin will be 92.  Active is any third parameter greater than 1. (typically 64) In active the third parameter is 0.

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