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I have combined my Yamaha PSR 295 arranger keyboard with the Christie organ, and it is run using only a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

I am extremely happy with the result.

As the keyboard has some nice sound-effects (that I would like to use in my music), I was wondering if I could for example have the 'seashore' sound-effect 'play' at the press of a button, and then after a set amount of seconds, if it can automatically stop playing, for example after 10 seconds.  OK.  I see, you can enter miliseconds in the space, for example I have entered 2000 ms, and it stays activated for 2 seconds.

I see on the keyer it seems, you need to do the configuration in the 'Messages" part, is this also correct?  Does the keyer send a note number (I think it does, just want to confirm).