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Aaron Laws
I have mentioned in the past that I wasn't impressed with how difficult it is to set up a new console as a copy of an old one. In the code, I found a "duplicate" functionality (did you all know this was there!?), but there doesn't appear to be a button for it: CTRL+D. It does a shallow clone; that is, whatever references the original item had, this new copy has. This isn't exactly perfect for my purposes.

I'm looking into the jeux 1.4 soundfont, and wanted to experiment. As a starting point, I would like all ranks available (independently) in all three keyboards: swell, great, pedal. I would like a console for each for usability, and I would like everything relating to each division in its own group. Not too much to ask, right?

I added some ad-hoc code to do what I want. Here's a video:

Does this seem like useful functionality?

In Christ,
Aaron Laws

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