Fw: jOrgan MPL Message to intercept Expression and/or Volume Changes

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Fw: jOrgan MPL Message to intercept Expression and/or Volume Changes

Interestingly, the message works, not only making the changes in volume and
expression, but, also, dynamically changing the position of the sliders used
for Swell Expression and Volume control.
I find this interesting because the same is not true in a Midi Sequencer
program used to, actually, playback midi files.  When the sliders of this
program are set, they remain in place, regardless of
the volume or expression change messages which are effected and which are
visible for evaluation in the 'event list' window of the program.
Is the fact that jOrgan, physically, changes the position of the sliders to
reflect increase and decrease,  due to the synchronizers----with respect to
the divisional Swell continuous filters---which they reference, or the
nature of the "continuous filter," itself---since the Volume Controls which
are, also, continuous filters, respond dynamically, but do not have
synchronizers referenced?
Since volume and expression changes are channel messages, I have to
determine whether these changes are independent relative to the channel or
whether a single message is changing ALL the
Swell controllers simultaneously.  It is obvious from the Event List of a
midi file that the channel is specified as well as the 0-127 level of
expression or volume.  For the "All Swells to Swell" control,
I need the synchronizers, but if these are causing ALL independent Swells of
different divisions to respond to any and every channel (0-16)message, I
will have to find a way around that.

John Beach

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Volume Changes

Thanks, Lynn, the Continuous Filter message  "  Change equal 176, equal 7,
div 127 | get value  " works with all of the Continuous Filters having the
jOrgan special connector referenced to them.  This is
the same connector (only one, of course) that is used for the flexible wind.

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