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Fw: Importing a soundfont

In a previous email concerning Brian's problem or question concerning
importing a soundfont, I sent the following example of the Messages related
to a Stop/Rank element in jOrgan.
I have a question, myself, concerning the first and last Messages in the
sequence below, specifically, Engaged set 176 set 121, and Disengaged set
176, set 123.  My question is this.
Normally, in MIDI a switch function is set to "Off" with (base=0) with "0"
and to  "On" (base=0) with a 127.  I am assuming that "set 121," turns the
Stop (a kind of switch) "On" and that set 123
turns the stop "Off."  Since these two numbers are only two digits apart,
how is this compatible with the Midi concept that 0=off and 127=on?

I have this perception that equivalencies or adaptations of a program
structure, such as jOrgan, to the MIDI specification require "mappings"
within the interface, so I am conceptualizing 121=127 (on)
and 123=0 (off).  Is this even logical?


John Beach

Bourdon Doux 8'    Engaged    set 176    set 121
Bourdon Doux 8'    Engaged    set 176    set 0    set 1     This is the Bank
number message of the Bank in Memory where this soundfont is located
Bourdon Doux 8'    Engaged    set 192    set 9                 This is the
Preset Number of the Stop in the Soundfont, visible in a soundfont editor.
Bourdon Doux 8'    Note played    set 144    set pitch    set 100
Bourdon Doux 8'    Note muted    set 128    set pitch
Bourdon Doux 8'    Disengaged    set 176    set 123

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