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Fw: Controlling stop and tab solenoids

"How do I get the physical stops on the organ to move in response to a
particular preset button?"

On some physical organ consoles the stop tabs do not move with
factory-assigned stop combinations.  That is,
when a piston/button is pushed, a preset combination of stops (1=pp,2=p,
3-mf, 4=f, 5=ff, 6=fff) is engaged, but the physical tabs or
drawstops/drawbars do NOT move to indicate that they are on.  The moving of
the tab or drawstop or drawbar, itself, is what causes a relay to be
activated which moves the slider under a rank of pipes or engages/closes the
oscillator/tone generation circuitry in electronic/digital organs, leaving
the depression of a key (switch/lever) as the sole completion action in
producing a sound.  In MIDI, this process CAN NOT be accomplished by some
technique of "reverse wiring."  The tab or drawstop  is mechanical, but
causes an electrical connection, but this is not mechanically "reversible."
In other words, the physical opening of the switch (electrical), the closure
of which is activated by the tab or drawstop (mechanical), does not move the
tab or drawstop by a depression of the CANCEL piston which is electrical and
not mechanical.  The General Cancel cancels all stops, electrically, but not
the stop tabs or drawstops,  mechanically.   In vintage Allen organs, this
is the case.  In more recent organs, they have the capability to do both,
effectuating mechanical changes of stop tabs and drawstops by electrical

In response to your question, the internal circuitry of the physical organ
console, stop tab or drawstop, has to be connected/wired to the KEYMUX64
board and the software instructions for activation/deactivation (MIDI
Boutique) programmed/entered in the MIDI Boutique software program.  This
sets up the combination presets as simple numbers, 1,2,3 etc. Then, the
combination pistons in jOrgan which are 1,2,3, etc., and engage, as presets,
selected stop combinations on the jOrgan virtual organ console would be
activated by the physical
piston on the physical organ console.  These would function in any jOrgan
disposition.   However, you will never be able to coordinate virtual stops
on a jOrgan virtual console with the physical stops on your physical organ
console.  More than likely, with a few exceptions, they are not the same
names.   Theoretically, stop tabs or drawstops could be assigned numbers,
and activated by jOrgan, but this is MIDI Boutique software and hardware
"hardwired."  Since all jOrgan dispositions vary because of a lack of
permanently assigned numbers for organ stop (presets) in soundbanks, unlike
General MIDI soundbanks,  where, for example, 001=Acoustic Grand Piano,
ALWAYS, there was never established a fixed preset list by the MIDI
Association for the assignment of organ stop/names.  Why they have not done
this is anybody's guess, since economic competition does not seem to be a
logical reason.  However, Napoleon once said, "Regimentation leads to
mediocrity."  I don't know if I agree with him or not.  Presumably,
Josephine must have known for certain.  I don't think the idea is applicable
to MIDI.

John Beach

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Subject: [jOrgan-user] Controlling stop and tab solenoids

I have a question related to the control of stop and tab solenoids using a
jOrgan disposition. Searching past posts I can find info on a SAMS module in
jOrgan. However, I cannot find any information on to how to set up the stop
(and coupler tab) solenoids so that they move when using presets.

I have converted a Rodgers American Classic (1972), (3 manual + pedal) to
run jOrgan using the MIDI Boutique hardware. The computer (Apple laptop) is
connected to the hardware using one USB cable that goes to a MIDI Boutique
UMI2x2 box.

There are six KEYMUX64 boards (MIDI Boutique) that handle the inputs from
the keyboards, pedals, stops, tabs and preset thumb buttons. These all
connect to a HWCE2x encoder and the MIDI_out of the HWCE2x connects to one
of the UMI2x2 inputs. The other UMI2x2 input is connected to MIDI_in of a
MDDP128UMN/128 solenoid driver board. I have two of these that drive the
solenoids of the stops and tabs, the two boards are daisy-chained with one
board set for MIDI channel 7 and the other on channel 8.

Everything works just fine, except for one feature involving presets. Lets
say I have a particular stop combination that I would like to store into
preset thumb button 1 on the Swell. For example, if I use the St Paul's
Toronto disposition, the sequence is
i) select the stops required from the Swell group (either by clicking stop
icons on the computer screen or physically pulling the stops on the organ)
ii) push the SET thumb button
iii) push preset button 1 in the Swell preset group
This stores that Swell stop combination into preset thumb button 1. So far,
so good.

Now lets say I change the Swell stop combination (either using cancel or
pulling additional stops or engaging a different preset button)
When I go back to preset 1 (push it), the stop icons on the computer screen
and the sound responds correctly but the physical stops do nothing.

How do I get the physical stops on the organ to move in response to a
particular preset button?

All the hardware is there and working as I have tested that the stop and tab
solenoids work by sending MIDI on/off messages to channels 7 and 8 using
another MIDI test program.
Somehow MIDI messages need to get sent to the MDDP128UMN/128 boards (chan
7,8) from jOrgan when a preset button is pushed. How does one program that?

In the Configure section of the disposition I can see two MIDI ports (on the
Apple). When configuring the stops etc, I have the input set to port1 so
jOrgan knows when I select stops and tabs.

Is there a separate Configure section in the disposition for setting up
control of the solenoid driver boards (MDDP128UMN/128) on channels 7 and 8?
How does one relate the inputs (which work fine) and the solenoid drive MIDI
messages for a given stop?



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