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Conn 560 MIDIfication help needed

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I passed along my unused  Conn 650-to-MIDI converter hardware by Sound Research  to a dear friend in Australia.

Unfortunately, Vern Jones, creator of the unit, died awhile back, and there are questions about this unit Rod needs answered.

It was created to add MIDI capability to a Conn 650 organ, enabling an analog organ to trigger MIDI signals to his computer virtual organ software.

This will enable his Conn to play virtual software (jOrgan, Hauptwerk, MidiTzer, etc.) controlled by the touchscreen (of course, the proprietary Conn tablets will only apply to the Conn 650 itself).

Although this hardware was intended primarily for me to operate my own Conn 650 as a MIDI instrument in addition to its Conn operation (as I also play my virtual organ software from my Baldwin organ with MIDI - see documentation on <StentorVox (dot)com> website - I decided to keep my awesome Conn 650 as a pristine organ in my museum, therefore decided not to alter its setup or wiring in any way.

I seek anyone with knowledge to share.

This is to convert a three 61-key manual / 32 pedal analog Conn 650 into a MIDI-OUT console in addition to its use as a fully functional Conn instrument at the touch of a MIDI-OUT stoptab.

Please help if you can share ANYTHING. We have the complete unused kit purchased by a friend, including PC boards and CD (see attached) but have a few questions.

Originally I had thought to sacrifice an existing stoptab into a MIDI-OUT trigger.  

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