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ANN: Soundfont Attenuation Settings

John Reimer
Hi all,

Three years ago I placed on my website an article called, "Attenuation Settings in Soundfonts". This article included a table listing the actual attenuations in dB produced by the Attenuation Settings, and that information is very important for soundfont designers who wish to specify the Attenuation Settings accurately.

I have now increased the range of Settings, from -10 to 50 (previously it was 0 to 40), and have restricted my measurements to Fluidsynth. The article also has a link to a spreadsheet which returns values conveniently, and may save time for users who wish to process many settings, especially if they are able to use spreadsheet techniques to list them.

The revised article now has this address:

I am updating my website to include this new link. The main address is

John Reimer